With relentless love for Colorado at the heart of our creation, our mission is to connect people with new ways of experiencing the raw Colorado lifestyle.

Whether we are vibin' a local watering hole during happy hour, or seeking a snowy adventure in the rocky outdoors, we believe our current vibe should not be a barrier to finding the right experience; rather, it should be the driving force.

The challenge is knowing where to start.

In simpler terms, we are a crew of exploring, shredding, everyday Coloradoans who hold a passion for finding, receiving, and sharing local experiences that amplify our inner Colorado, so you can find inspiration to elevate yours.


Current Colorado is built 100% on a crew of contributors sharing their favorite local spots so that all can elevate the Colorado Vibe. Learn how you can become a contributor and help us create a better Current Colorado.

Current Colorado Contributor
Born and raised in Broomfield I have been fortunate to call Colorado my home state. Though there are plenty of other cool places to live in the US, I have always been drawn to Colorado. I do believe the culture is what makes the 303 one of a kind.  Whether you are hiker, drinker, explorer, ripper, wanderer or anything else, this state has something for everyone and has created a melting pot of Coloradoans who live to push the boundaries of life a little further.
Current Colorado Badass
Originally from Alabama, there is something about Colorado that has always been calling me.  The fact that I can wake up each day and have an endless supply of adventures and hobbies at my door-step is why I will never leave.  The community that embraces all styles of people from every background while celebrating their passions is what I have come to love about Colorado.