Drop in for Drinks and Sand Volleyball at the Old Man in Broomfield

Old Man VolleyBall

The Old Man is one of the classic joints around town most would consider their divey neighborhood watering hole. When looking for something to do this weekend without having to head downtown, consider dropping in for shenanigans, drinks and sand volleyball at the Old Man Bar in Broomfield

Sand Volleyball at The Old Man

Drinks And Sand Volleyball At The Old Man

If you really want to experience the Old Man, try hitting their “Friday Night Drop In,” where they hold a massive pickup game of beer-in-hand single-elimination volleyball. Basically, this is just a big volleyball party in a "king-of-the-court" format. For $5 you can join the game and play as long as you like for the entirety of the pickup game - which begins at 6:00pm and ends around 11:00pm.  The festivities begin Friday night during the spring and summer months and usually end in October.

The Old Man In Broomfield

If Friday Does Not Work

If you cannot make the Friday Night Drop In, you can still hit up the Old Man - with a crew of your own - when the courts are open for free play Saturday night (usually).  During the summer months, IVP Colorado also operates league play Monday-Thursday evenings and again on Sundays, which is another great way to drop in for drinks and sand volleyball at the Old Man.  You can build your own team, or reach out to the dudes at IVP and ask the best way to join an open league.

The Old Man Bar

Why Old Man?

One of the best things about The Old Man, is you will not break the bank in order to drink.  They have daily food specials (with some surprisingly bomb bbq), and a daily happy hour from 4:00-7:00pm, and again from 10:00pm-close.

Though there is league play throughout the weekdays and the courts are closed during the winter months, the Old Man makes for a great alternative when looking to stay local, and grab a few beers any time of the year.

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