Soak up Some Sun & Float the Yampa River in Steamboat

Float The Yampa River In Steamboat

There are few ways better to enjoy the Rocky Mountains than floating a Colorado river under a clear bluebird day. The Yampa River in Steamboat is one of the many gems in Colorado perfect for a day of floating under the summer sun. Whether floating by tube, paddle board, or kayak, simply gather your crew, snag a few beers, and set out to float the Yampa River in Steamboat.

Float The Yampa River in Steamboat

Most importantly is deciding how you want to float the Yampa River.  If you are looking for a day of paddle-boarding, it is available; if you are looking for a day of tubing, drinking and no driving, it is available; you simply need to know where to start.  Below, we have highlighted the various ways to float the Yampa River in Steamboat and how best to do it.

Rent A Tube With Shuttle Service From Backdoor Sports

Float The Yampa River In Steamboat

Good For: A day drinking float with shuttle service

Technically you are not allowed to float the Yampa with booze in hand. That being said, if you are in need of a return shuttle, then there is no secret to the purpose of your float.  Renting from Backdoor Sports is your best option. You can rent a tube, drop in at their location, float for about 2 hours, and jump on the return shuttle all for around $20.  It is by far the most convenient and worry-free option.  Click below for more important information to help plan your float.

Where To Rent: Backdoor Sports.  
Price: $20 per person: You will receive a tube and return shuttle service.
Put-In & Pick Up: You will "put-in" at their location next to Carls Tavern along the Yampa and float for about 2 hours. About 2 miles down the Yampa you will see signs for the shuttle pickup.
Tip: For a longer float, drive up to Fetcher Park and "put-in" there.  It will lengthen your float for about an hour.
Tubing Information: For all of your tubing information questions, check Backdoor here.

Paddle Board The Yampa River

Float The Yampa River In Steamboat

Good For: A calmer float, fishing

If you are looking to paddle-board the Yampa, you are going to want to drop in further up the river (ahead of the tubers).  It tends to be calmer in this stretch of the river and you can kick back at a slower pace and enjoy the best parts of the Yampa River.

Your best option will be to rent a board from Paddle Board Adventure Company, - they will provide you with all the information you will need to paddle-board the Yampa.

Where To Rent: Paddle Board Adventure Company.

Price: $35-45 per person: You also have an option for a shuttle and delivery services for an additional fee. Click Here For More Info.

Put-In & Pick Up: You will want to ask PAC where to drop-in as it may change with varying water levels.

Float The Yampa With Your Own Tube

Fetcher Park Steamboat

Good For: A Free float 

If you have your own floating equipment, do not need to rent any additional gear, and have no need for a shuttle (hence you have a "DD"), you are more than able to float the river at your own pace.  You will simply need to know where to fill your tube, drop in, and where to pick up that is most convenient for you. Click below for more information to help plan your float.

Where To Fill Up: The best place to fill your tube is at the Conoco near Hwy 40 across from Fetcher Park & Walgreens. Use the self-service air.

Put-In: The best place to put-in is at Fetcher Park.  It is near the Walgreens across from Conoco. You will need to walk down to the Yampa to drop in.

Pick-Up: You can either park your return car in town next to Carls Tavern, or continue down the river and park where Backdoor Sport's Shuttle picks up.


Paddleboard The Yampa River

One Last Thing

Whether you decide to tube, kayak, or paddle the Yampa River, you are almost ready to go. You will just want to keep a few more things in mind to ensure you are set.

Water Level: You will want to check in with the water level.  The closer you get to September and fall, the lower the water will be, making it near impossible for a float. You can check in with Backdoor Sports to inquire about the water levels.

Post-Float Drinks: You are going to want to grab a drink after. Check out these Happy Hours after your float.

Points of Entry: Fetcher Park, River Park, Backdoor Sports downtown Steamboat.

Equipment Rental Companies: Backdoor Sports, Paddle Board Adventure Company, Mountain Sports Kayak School.

Where To Fill Up A Tube: Self-service air at Conoco across from Walgreens on Hwy 40.

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