Kickstart Your Day with a Workout at Red Rocks

Workout Red Rocks Amphitheater

In addition to being one of the most rad music venues in the world, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is prime real estate for anyone craving an intense mountainous workout. If you are looking to get outside, burn a little sweat, and get a feel for how the locals do it, consider heading to Morrison to kickstart your day with a workout at Red Rocks.

Workout at Red Rocks

What To Expect

Red Rocks is a fitness junkies paradise comprised of natural elements and endless possibilities for crafting a workout that will kick your ass.

Upon entry, you will notice the local community ranging from high school athletics, to organized fitness classes, all taking advantage of the gold mine we have right in our own backyard. You simply need to decide how you will participate.

Stairs at Red Rocks

Workout Options:

Individual: Personally I prefer to build my own workout on the spot. Red Rocks is full of rails, steps, and boxes perfect for a circuit workout alternating cardio (running the steps), push-ups, lunges, dips, sprints, sit-ups and anything else your heart desires.

Instructor Guided: If you need a little inspiration you can Google or YouTube “workout ideas for Red Rocks,” and pull a list of options: such as this video here.  Or you can meander on stage and follow a 15-20 minute workout from Facebook pages like World Wide Workout: which can be found here.

Classes: A new restriction implemented in 2018 cut back on the classes available for public use - as it was beginning to overcrowd the area. But you can still join classes such as It Burns Joe; you will need to visit their website and see when available classes are taking place.

Red Rocks Fitness

Tips: What To Know & Bring

Above all else, never forget that Colorado is a dry climate with an altitude one mile above sea level (Red Rocks is even more).  If you are coming from a lower elevation you will notice the impact immediately.  Let your body acclimate and make sure to hydrate before, during, and after your workout at Red Rocks.

Backpack items:

  • Headphones
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Glasses
  • Change of clothes: I like to head to Idaho Springs after for a cool down dip in Clear Creek.
  • Towel
  • Post workout protein shake

Available Hours & Distance From Denver

Distance: Red Rocks is only a hopscotch away from Denver and should not take more than a couple hours of your day (about 15 miles west on I-70).

Hours: It is open daily for public use one hour before sunrise, and closes one hour before sunset.  However, during summer the park closes at 2pm as there are events almost daily. You will want to check the hours of operations here. This link will also provide you with information regarding policy changes, parking, and anything else you will need to plan your trip.

Red Rocks Fitness

Fun Ideas For After

Because Red Rocks is so accessible to anywhere in Denver, you can decide how much of your day it should take and what you should do after.  Personally, I like to reach Red Rocks a little after 9:30am. That way I can head to Idaho Springs for a post-workout beer and cool down dip in Clear Creek. Idaho Springs is an old mining town that sits another 30 minutes west on I-70 and makes for a perfect extra stop - especially if you want to see more of the Rocky Mountains.  Simply continue westbound on I-70 until you hit Idaho Springs.

For a dip in the river: Drive through town along the Clear Creek until you find a nice place to park; strip down into your skibbies and cool off - this is why I suggested bringing an extra pair of clothes and a towel.

Lunch: Finally, I suggest capping the morning off with a cold brew and lunch - you deserve it.  Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Beau Jo’s: This is a hometown favorite pizza joint.  If you like heavy cheese and thick deep dishes, this is your spot. Beau Jo's.
  2. Westbound and Down Brewery: Bison influenced eats and killer brews. Westbound and Down.

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