Outdoor Adventure eh? Camping in Buena Vista is Your Spot

Camping Buena Vista

Camping in Buena Vista

If you are looking for a Colorado camping trip packed full of outdoor adventure, then you might want to consider Buena Vista: the Buena Vista valley and surrounding peaks is one of the better regions in Colorado that provides an abundance of outdoor activities year-round.

So, if you are feeling the itch to get for an epic weekend in the Rockies, then make it Buena Vista and soak up all the mountainous vibes.

Rafting Buena Vista

What makes Camping Buena Vista so groovy?

Encircled by national forest in every direction, camping in Buena Vista provides the seclusion you would experience in remote locations, while offering access to all the resources of downtown Buena Vista. You can fish the Arkansas headwaters in the morning, raft the Arkansas River after lunch, and cap off your day hiking the Colorado trail in the afternoon.

If this is your kind of camping, continue reading below. We will help you navigate the various outdoor activities.

  • We also included a one-day itinerary if that is all  the time you have.
Arkansas River Buena Vista

Lets Get It

Take a look below for a list of resources that will help you navigate the plethora of available outdoor activities near Buena Vista.

Mountain Biking/Dirt Biking: For trails in the area to rip, visit MTB Project here

Hiking (14ers): Hit your first 14er, or simply go out for a hike. Visit AllTrails here

Rock Climbing: Buena Vista has loads of great climbing in the area.  Mountain Project is a great resource

Camping: Cottonwood Pass, Clear Creek Reservoir - along Clear Creek Rd (CR 390), and the ridge going up CR 371 (above Elephant Rock) are great dispersed options. Part of the adventure is finding a spot you can call your own, but here is a solid to get you started:

Fishing: In all honesty, it all depends on water levels, season, hatch, etc... Your best bet is to call the dudes, or stop by, Ark Angelers in town.  They have all the current information and have always been super helpful. 719-395-1796. Or, you can do your own research. A couple great resources for the Arkansas river are:

Rafting/Kayaking: There are a couple, but we usually hit Performance Tours for our trips

Side by Side Rentals: BV Adventure Cloub - if you want to shred the area on Side-by-Side

Other Things to do: If you want to explore more of the local area, here are some cool things to do:

  • Mt. Princeton Hot Springs - soak in the local springs of Mt Princeton
  • EddyLine Brewery - hit up Eddyline for some dank beer and explore the local town vibes (they have two locations)
  • Collegiate Peaks Scenic Overlook - head up to this overlook for a chill sunset view sesh

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