Visit Clear Creek Canyon for Quick & Easy Fly Fishing Near Denver

Fishing Clear Creek Canyon

Clear Creek Canyon - Fly Fishing Near Denver 

We are blessed to live in a state that holds some of the best and most scenic fishing destinations in the country. However, getting too many of them usually requires more time and planning than a single afternoon will allow. Sometimes we just want a quick and accessible fishing hole that offers great fishing and all the Rocky Mountain vibes.  Clear Creek Canyon at Clear Creek Open Space is your answer. Whether you are in need of a last-minute fishing hole, or simply need a quick day-trip suggestion, Clear Creek Canyon is a great spot for fly fishing near Denver.

Fly Fishing Near Denver

Why Clear Creek?

There are many reasons to fish Clear Creek. But above all else is the fact that it is extremely easy to get to from the Front Range with a surprisingly few people regularly fishing the canyon.  It makes for a great fly fishing spot when you need something quick and easy to get to.

You are not going to find that Clear Creek Canyon is a gold mine for catching fish. But there are few places better with such easy access from Denver while still providing a taste of the Rocky Mountain Wilderness.

Fishing Clear Creek Open Space

Perks For Fly Fishing Clear Creek Canyon

In addition to decent fishing and ease of accessibility, Clear Creek Canyon makes for great fly fishing near Denver when you simply want to soak up some Rocky Mountain vibes.  Because of the location, you will be able to get the dispersed mountain atmosphere, while still having access to local bars, restaurants, and fly fishing shops.

Fish Shops: Basin & Bend in Evergreen is a great resource and worth the detour.

Two Bears Grill: Great local bar with a Green Chili & beer special for $10. I love hitting this place on the way home.

Perks: You can fish the banks with just a rod, net, and a few flies. You do not have to have your full fly fishing setup.

Clear Creek Open Space Bike Path

Insider Info & Fishing Reports

Tips: Though we are referencing the Open Space at Clear Creek Canyon, there are many other spots along the 10-mile stretch that you can hit. The Catch & The Hatch and Trouts Fly Fishing are both amazing resources providing you with current fishing reports and information for alternative fishing holes along the Clear Creek.

Directions: West on I 70 - Take exit 244 toward Blackhawk, then a right next to Two Bears at Johnson Gulch - Continue for about 2 miles on Hwy 6 until you get to the 2nd tunnel (Tunnel 5) - Park at the lot to the right (next to the bike path).

Parking:  Most cars will be there for rock climbing. Don’t get discouraged. We usually park at the 2nd tunnel, but you can pull off anywhere along Hwy 6.

Clear Creek Parking

Additional Resources & Reviews

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