Have you Heard of Rico Hot Springs? Visit This Hidden Pool

Rico Hot Springs

Rico Hot Springs - The "Little" Badass Spring of Rico

About 30 miles south of Telluride and 0.5 miles north of the small town of Rico, lays a tiny natural spring that hugs up against the Dolores River: Rico Hot Springs.

If you have not heard of Rico Springs, it should definitely be on your radar of places to visit.

Though it is one of the lesser known or talked about natural springs in Colorado, it is still a destination that is worth exploring.

The next time you are in the Telluride area, make sure to hit up the liquor store in Rico, grab a few beers, and go enjoy a night under the stars soaking in the natural hot springs of Rico.

Take a look below for tips and info to help you make your way to the springs.

Directions: If you are coming from the town of Rico, it sits between mile marker 47-48 on your right-hand side (about 0.5 miles from Rico). Just after mile marker 47, look for an old bent street sign – if it is still there.  If not, just keep an eye out for an inlet road. Drive all the way to the bottom and park.  After parking walk about 20ft back up the road. There will be two trails that take you in the direction of Dolores River.  Follow either one of them. They will take you to Rico Springs.

Booze: There is a liquor store right in the town of Rico.  Go give them some love.

Tip: If you are planning on sticking around the area, definitely check out Alta Lakes.

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