Buckle up and Rip 700 Acres of Sand Dunes in Walden Colorado

Sand Dunes in Walden Colorado

Shred the Sand Dunes in Walden Colorado

(Good For: dirt sports, active camping, slosh fest)

We may have an endless supply of camping options in Colorado, but for those of you who need more than a pretty view, the Sand Dunes in Walden are prime real estate for anyone looking to push the limits. Over 700 acres of open territory waiting to be ripped, the Sand Dunes in Walden Colorado are primed for a weekend on the edge. With a cooler full of beer, case of whiskey, and the natural playground of Walden Colorado, the only matter you need to attend to is your speedometer.

Camping Walden Colorado

Livin' on the Edge at Walden

For adrenaline junkies, there is nothing worse than living in a state where the most exciting thing to do is Top Golf (however, I do love me some Top Golf). Sometimes we need to push the limits and "make our eyeballs rattle out of our heads."  Thankfully, Colorado provides a ridiculous amount of ways to accomplish that; and the dunes are the perfect spot to test your boundaries ripping the natural sand terrain.  4wheel, ATV, motocross, side-by-sides, you name it, Walden is your playground.

Walden Colorado

What You Need to Know Before Hitting Walden

When you want to go 0-60 while chugging a beer and blasting “Sabotage” -by the Beastie Boys - look no further than the sand dunes at Walden Colorado.

Buckle up, strap in, and read the tips below for more information to help plan your trip.

Equipment: If you do not already have your own, you are going to need to pick up some equipment. A great place to rent your machine is at Fort Collins Adventure Rentals.

Directions: You can Google Sand Dunes in Walden for directions, but we always prefer going through Poudre Canyon.  It is one of the more scenic drives in Colorado and you will pass through endless prime fly fishing spots - if you fancy that.

Camping Tip: There are plenty of dispersed camping spots when you get there, but you should arrive as early as possible on the weekends. People roll in troves during the summer.

Tip: You are in the dunes. Make sure you prepare for heavy winds.

Shredding Tip: Follow basic riding etiquette and always ride in pairs - don't hit a lip when you do not know what is on the other side, do not climb a hill that is known for oncoming traffic etc.. There is no hospital close by and you do not want to be the one who needs to be flight lifted out.

This is for dirt sports: You are coming here to rip the sand dunes. It is not going to be your first choice for secluded camping as it is a popular spot for dirt sports.

Other Cool Things:

  • If you dig good fly fishing, Walden and Poudre Canyon have some prime spots. Your best bet is to stop by North Park Angelers and ask what spots are poppin'. You can also
  • The Mishawaka is a Colorado classic.  It is a great place to stop for a bite and beer on your way to or from Walden.

2 comments on “Buckle up and Rip 700 Acres of Sand Dunes in Walden Colorado

  1. Margaret Fennimore on

    Hello!! My husband and I will be there the second weekend in October from NC. We will be flying so we won’t have any equipment. This looks amazing though!! Are we still able to do this by renting everything? And how can I schedule an appointment? What’s my next step?

    • Corey Wilson on

      Hi Margaret,

      Oh, you will love it!

      If you are flying in and do not have any equipment, it is possible, just difficult. If you do not have a car, it is almost impossible. The closest place we know to rent your equipment is Fort Collins Adventure Rentals, which is about 47 miles outside of the Dunes. We would recommend visiting their website (using the link we provided) and giving them a call. You can rent both a trailer and a side-by-side from Fort Collins Adventure Rentals, but if you do not have a car, you would have no way to get the side-by-side to the Dunes.

      Also, you would want to consider camping – which would also require gear! A good resource to visit for more available camping and travel information is https://www.blm.gov/visit/search-details/16697/2.

      It would be difficult if you are only in town for the weekend, but it is possible!

      We hope this helps 🙂


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