Hit up the Mishawaka – Colorado’s Most Intimate Outdoor Music Venue

Outdoor music venue - The Mishawaka

Looking for an outdoor music venue in Colorado?

If you have not yet experienced The Mishawaka of Poudre Canyon, then you, my friends, have one more epic destination to add to your Colorado bucket list.

Nestled along the Poudre River soaking up all those groovy Colorado vibes, ‘The Mish’ (as it is commonly known) just might be the best concert venue in Colorado – excluding Red Rocks of course; I mean come on, we're not crazy!

If sweet, sweet tunes along the Poudre River sounds like your kind of jam, then continue reading below and we will help you plan your next Current Colorado experience.

Along the Poudre - The Mishawaka

What makes the Mishawaka so groovy?

The Mish is one of those random joints you hope to stumble across, only to soon realize it for what it is: a true local gem.

How else would you explain an intimate riverfront concert venue in the heart of the Poudre Canyon?

The Mish combines the best of all worlds:

  • Epic scenary
  • Riverfront rooftop bar and restaurant
  • Intimate atomsphere with a remote sense of being submersed in the Rockies
  • And, so much more

At the Mishawaka, you can turn an ordinary night of music into a day/weekend of camping, fishing, hiking, biking, floating, or anything else your heart desires.

You have the luxury of the Rocky Mountains and the remote intimacy of the Mishawaka.

Beers and The Mishawaka

Plan your trip

Ready to get down with The Mish?

First, you will want to decide if this is going to be a quick evening, long day, or full weekend extravaganza. All are possible, you just need to familiarize yourself with the options.

  1. Option 1: Personally, we like to camp. That way you can spend the day enjoying the Poudre Canyon and retire to a campsite without having to drive back to town. It most likely won’t be dispersed camping, but at least you have a temporary home base for pregaming and festivities - (read below for camping options)
  2. Option 2: Another option is to rent an AirBnB or hotel room in Ft. Collins and take the shuttle. That way you can hit up Foco for some after party, partying!
  3. Option 3: Finally, you can always find yourself a DD, or simply choose not to drink 🙁
Chill vibes at The Mishawaka

What you should know before the show

Before you make the trek, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your visit to The Mish.

Shuttle (from FoCo) and Mish Parking info: Follow this link for more information.

Camping Options: Here are a few camping options.  If you can reserve Ansel, you can literally walk to The Mish from your campsite.

Upcoming shows: Check out The Mish calendar here.

Tip 1: If it is a popular artist – AKA busy show – it will most likely be standing room only. With lesser known artist you can bring a lawn chair to sit in.

Tip 2: They have a great riverfront deck bar and restaurant if you need to grab a bite before the show

Free Parking: There is free shoulder parking about .5 – 2 miles east of The Mish. But spots fill quick; you will want to get there early.

Things to do: If you plan to make a weekend out of your trip, here are a few things to consider:

The Mishawaka near Ft. Collins Colorado

What more is there to say?

The Mish is one of Colorado's local digs that you must experience at some point during your Colorado stay – whether you call Colorado home or are simply passing through, don’t miss your opportunity.

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