These Rolls are Fire! Hit The Best-Kept-Secret Bakery Near Denver

Lisa Anne's Bakery

During a continuous boom such as the one Denver is experiencing, it can be hard to find the hidden local joints that Colorado has been built on.  If you are like me, you appreciate exploring and finding these spots.  Lisa Anne’s Country Cupboard is one of Thornton’s best-kept secrets and hands down, in my opinion, the best bakery near Denver. With cinnamon rolls that will make a grown man cry and Pecan Sticky Buns that will make you want to slap yo grandma, I continue to find reasons to make the trip to Lisa Anne’s. It just seems too much of a sin to go anywhere but Lisa Anne' that I know they exist.

Lisa Anne's Sweet Rolls

Whether it be a picnic, weekend brunch, or simply needing a unique spot to chill and grub on one of the best damn sweet rolls you have ever had, Lisa Anne's is one of my favorite places to take friends or family from out of town.

This is one of those friendly neighborhood gems that you only hear about from a friend who has randomly stumbled across the front door and decided to wander in. Aside from being the best bakery near Denver, the general style of Lisa Anne's is worth the experience in itself. Some would say it almost resembles a "Gone With The Wind" vibe... Hence all the Gone With The Wind memorabilia and pictures.

So the next time you find yourself with a sweet tooth craving, Lisa Anne's should be one of your first choices.

  • Lisa Anne's is located just north of Denver. Thornton to be specific. Worth the me.
  • It is only open Friday-Sunday. 8am-3pm Fri-Saturday and 8am-1pm Sunday.
  • They bake fresh daily right out of a house, so keep an eye out for their sign in the front yard.
  • They have a small porch patio and cafe lounging area inside if you want to eat there.
Type of food: Bakery
Price: $$
Hours: Fri-Sat 8am-3pm, Sun 8am-1pm
Portion Size: +++
Average Wait time: 5 minutes top
Atmosphere: super cozy neighborhood vibe
Google Reviews: 5.0
Rooftop/Patio: Small Patio on the porch
Menu: Facebook Page Here
Map/Location: Thornton
Recommended dish: Cinnamon roll, blueberry muffin, carmel sticky bun  
  • In my opinion, the best cinnamon rolls and baked goods I have found.
  • Their entire café is decked out with an old fashing Cajun theme. It's fun.
  • It is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and show friends a lesser known local spot.
  • They have raving reviews from people who have been there.
  • They make their baked goods to go with the season. For instance, during Thanksgiving, they had a pumpkin Cinnamon Roll.
  • They will make cakes if you need one for an occasion.

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