Hit Domo Japanese Garden for a Lunch Date in Denver

Domo Japanese Country Food

Domo Japanese Country Food

I will be one to go on record disputing the claim that lunch dates will land you in the friend zone.  How else would we be able to break away from work for a lunch date in Denver while sipping sake in a Japanese garden?

Domo Japanese Country Food Restaurant is one of the better spots in Denver if you are looking for a unique experience. Hidden in the back patio of Domo Japanese Country Food, you will find a garden in full bloom (which is only open for seating during the Spring and Summer seasons) creating the perfect setting for a quick lunch date in Denver.  Even if you happen to be visiting during the colder months of the year, the cozy traditional inside atmosphere makes for a fun experience regardless of the season.

Lunch Date In Denver

Why Is Domo Great For A Lunch Date In Denver?

It can be difficult trying to come up with new ideas to keep your dating scene fresh.  When looking for a unique spot to take your babe, consider Domo Japanese Garden.  Not only will you get to enjoy traditional Japanese décor in a garden setting, but you will leave on a full stomach without breaking the bank.

Lunch Date In Denver

What Makes Domo Cool?

What I personally love about Domo is the fact it has not lost the personality and character that makes it unique.  In a rapidly changing Denver scene, Domo has not changed. It remains one of the best-kept secrets for a lunch date, dinner, or any other dining occasion.  With a very reasonably priced menu, you will receive a heavy portion of traditional Japanese Country food while experiencing an atmosphere unique to its own.

I will say this is more of an experience than it is the “most amazing Japanese food in Denver." But the experience is still worth the visit and definitely a new idea for a lunch date when things are getting a little dry. Order some Sake, try the Katsu, and sit in the garden out on a sunny bluebird day.

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Tips & Insider Info

Tip: If you are planning to sit in the garden (which I recommend), come before 11:30 am. People will flock around 12:00pm and you will likely have to wait.  (Also, they don’t necessarily have a “waiting” process.  You know what I mean if you have experienced it. Kinda funny actually).

Food: Not the place you want to be if you are a vegetarian. They love their meat.

Menu: Come hungry. All lunch entrees come with 3 house sides and dinner entrees come with 7 sides.

Hours: They have limited hours and are closed from 2:00-5:00pm while prepping for dinner.

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