Spice up Your Date Night in Steamboat with Fiery Marg’s & Tasty Eats

Cocktails Date Night

Cocktails, Wine, & Tasty Eats Date Night In Steamboat

(This Date Is Good For: Foodie's, cocktail lovers, wine enthusiasts)

If craft cocktails, fiery margaritas, balanced wine, and award-winning food is your idea of a great evening out, then this date night in Steamboat was meant for you.  You will be hitting two killer restaurants in Steamboat while tasting a variety of food and drink that would compete with any restaurant in Denver.

Date Night In Steamboat

What Is In Store?

You can mix and match in any way that you please, but if you decide to follow the agenda we used, it will allow you to get the most bang for your buck.

By the end of the night, you will have stopped into two restaurants; Harwigs for fine wine, cocktails, and French-influenced appetizers; and Laundry for your main entree of shared plates and hand-crafted cocktails - such as the Fiery Margarita.

Steamboat Date Night

First Stop... Lite Apps & Drinks At Harwigs

With frequently changing French-influenced menus and a carefully selected wine list, Harwigs is the textbook example of fine dining.  For us, the happy hour was what we found so appealing for our date night in Steamboat.  From 5:00-6:30pm, Harwigs offers happy hour food and drink specials at drastically reduced prices - such as $1 oysters and sliders. It created a great way to experience Harwigs without having to sit down for a full course meal.

We would suggest starting at Harwigs with a few small bites and drink of choice, before heading to Laundry for the main course and cocktails.

Harwigs Date Night In Steamboat

Head To Laundry For Cocktails & Dinner

Your next stop is The Laundry. Full of history, hand-crafted cocktails, and unbelievably tasty food, Laundry is where you will be eating your main course. Choosing from a variety of small-large sized shared plates, Laundry is one of the better joints in Steamboat for a night on the town. Laundry mixes a lively, yet rustic atmosphere, while offering some of the best food, drink, and cocktails you will find anywhere in the Springs.

From Fiery Marg's, to Pork Belly and Cold Smoked Trout Filet, Laundry will take your taste buds for a ride as you will mix and match between your choice shared plates and specialty cocktails.

Info: It is a little bit pricier, but you will be able to try multiple plates which makes for a fun experience out on the town.

Recommendation: We decided to go with a selection of small plates so that we could try multiple dishes while sipping back our Fiery Margaritas (highly recommended) and Kentucky Fall cocktails (also very good).

Tip: Take a peek at what they have cooking on their menu here. If available, the Brussel Sprouts and Pork Cheeks were unworldly.

Laundry Pow Pow In Steamboat

Suggested Plan Of Attack

  1. First, you are going to need to reserve a table at Laundry.  You can do this through the Open Table app, or visiting Laundry’s website here to reserve your spot.
  2. Next, you will head to Harwigs between 5:00pm-6:30pm for wine, drinks, and appetizers. You can just walk in. There should not be a wait this time of night.
  3. Finally, wrap up your dinner at Laundry where Margarita enthusiasts will want to try the Fiery Marg, and whiskey lovers will have a full selection of choices. The pork cheeks, brussel sprouts and charcuterie cheese plates were all a few of our favorite shared plates favorites.
The Laundry Steamboat

The Night Is Young

If you find yourself full of energy after dinner and want to continue your date night in Steamboat, you have a slew of things to do.

  1. Hit The Hot Springs: For a late night dip in the springs, check out Strawberry Hot Springs.
  2. For More Beers & Drinks: Grab a beer from O’Neils Tavern down the street for a more intimate but social basement tavern/pub vibe.
  3. Other Great Spots for a Drink: Slopeside, Carls, Butcherknife Brewery. All great watering holes.
  4. For Dancing, Live Music, and Getting a Little Loose: Hit up Schmiggity's.
Fiery Margarita's at Laundry

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