The Best Spot for a Sunset Date Near Denver

Sunset Date Near Denver

Lost Gulch Overlook

(Good For Sunsets, Dates, Picnics, Light Hikes, Rock Climbing, Photography)

We all know it can be difficult coming up with new date ideas to keep things fresh.  Thankfully in Colorado, we have the outdoors and some of the most amazing sunsets in the US to turn any situation into a perfect date.  The Lost Gulch Overlook is quite possibly one of the best views in the Front Range and makes for a perfect sunset date near Denver, Boulder, Golden or where ever you are.  All you need is some wine, a charcuterie board, blanket, cool tunes, and you have yourself a chill outdoor date night.

Lost Gulch Overlook

Lost Gulch Overlook is perfect for a sunset date as it provides one of the best views in Colorado and is a quick drive from anywhere in the Front Range. Driving into Boulder and following Baseline Rd west, you will be taken up Flagstaff  Rd. until you reach the top of Lost Gulch Overlook, which provides views through Nederlands and into Rocky Mountain National Park.

Whether you are planning a night of festivities or simply need a last minute date idea, Lost Gulch Overlook is the perfect option.  It has amazing views, is accessible from anywhere, and does not require any additional hiking.

However, in the case you do want to do a little more exploring, it is also ripe with beginner hiking trails, picnic tables, and scenery that will blow your mind.  Needless to say, Lost Gulch Overlook is one of the best locations for a sunset date near Denver.

Sunset Date Near Denver

Tips & Info - What You Should Know

Tip: The best view of Lost Gulch Overlook is at the top. Keep driving until you hit the very top.

Tip 2: Lost Gulch is extremely popular.  Do not expect to be alone unless you are planning to explore and find your own spot away from the crowd.

Perk: It is right next to Chautauqua Park which is also amazing. If you have enough time, there is a lot of exploring and hiking.

Dog-Friendly: Yes

Suggested Gear: Chair, Blanket, Wine, Charcuterie Board, Hiking Gear,

Activities: Rock Climbing, Hiking, Photography

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