Give Some Love to Estes Parks own Local Distillery

Elkins Distilling Co

Estes Parks Own Local Distillery

(Good For: Avoiding the RMN crowds, whiskey sours, one hell of a view)

Whether you are visiting Colorado or you call this badass state home, chances are you will be making the trek to RMN (Rocky Mountain Nation Park) at some point this summer. Though your end destination might be RMN, consider dropping by Elkins Distilling Co and giving a little love to Estes Parks own local distillery.

Elkins Distillery Co

Elkins Distilling Co - The Chillest Distillery In "Ze" Land

In the midst of the summer chaos driven by tourism and traffic to RMN, Elkins remains one of the few places in Estes where you can break away from the crowd and soak up the local scene. If strong whiskey and chill vibes sound better than fighting your way through traffic, then go say "what's up" to the good peeps at Elkins Distilling Co; they will be more than happy to help you take the load off.  In fact, Ollie, the “Elkins Dog,” will likely be the first to welcome you in.

Sit back, order a whiskey sour, and enjoy one of the best views in all of Estes Park.

Estes Parks Own Local Distillery

What Makes Elkins So Great

From their story to their whiskey, to their view, Elkins is simply one of the chillest hidden gems in Colorado. Not only do they produce great whiskey, but they strive to support the surrounding communities in the process. In collaboration with local breweries, distilleries, and farms, the Elkins team ensures all their ingredients are 100% locally sourced – one of the reasons their original Whiskey Sour and Old Fashion recipes are so dank. They have made a commitment to the local communities and it is felt in the atmosphere they have created.

Elkins Distilling In Estes Park

What You Should Know

If you are planning to make the trek to Estes Park and want to stop into Elkins, peek below for insider tips and information.

The View: you cannot beat the view as Elkins points toward the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Grab a whiskey flight and soak it all in.

Events: they hold events regularly, from Sunday Funday to weekly Game Nights. Check their Facebook page here to see what is popping.

Local Suggestions: if you want suggestions for things to do around town, the dudes at Elkins are your best source. Go kick it with McShan or Sam and see what they have to say.

Cocktails: Elkins is a distillery, but they also make some mean cocktails.  We highly suggest trying their Whiskey Sour.

Distillery In Estes Park

Give Some Love To Elkins Distilling Co

We are drinkers here in Colorado. Sometimes, the best watering holes require embarking on a journey through the rocky outdoors. Elkins Distilling Co is one of the Colorado gems. Whether you are planning a trip to Estes, or simply want to take a quick road trip, head over to Elkins and give some love to Estes Parks own local distillery.

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